We offer both keyword installs and direct android installs.
Our service will help you getting more organic traffic, and earn more money.

We Offer 3 Different Services

Services We Provide

We're doing our best, to provide you with the best tools possible on the market, right now

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Keyword Installs

Push your app to Rank #1 on any keyword you would like.
The higher your app ranks, the more organic traffic you will get.
83% of all people are only looking at TOP 10 results, when downloading an app.

Direct Android installs

Buy android installs, to make your app installs counter look better.
Let people know you have the best app on the market, with 100.000+ downloads.

Ratings & Reviews

Convince your new users, that your app is the best! with 5-star ratings/reviews.
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Small Country Pool But Big User Pool

We Only Deliver The Best

You can both promote, and check keyword ranks in following countries

United States
United Kingdom
Russian Federation
201+ No. of Users

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89+ Ratings & Reviews

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Get to the top the Creative way

Keyword Installs

Buying keyword installs is essential, in this world with millions of apps. Your app just has to be, in Top 250, then we can boost it to Rank 1

Want to be the next Angry Birds?

Android Installs

Buying Android Installs are simple, yet a powerful way to Rank on Google Play store. You can buy Android Installs at any time, to give your app a much better chance, on the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're doing our best, to provide you with the best tools possible on the market, right now

ALL! and we mean all, of our installs are coming from real users, no bots are used in our system!
Please check our pricings first.
And then remember that we have different price plans, which can be found when you are logged in
The way the pricings work, is that you will get better prices, depending on how much you spend on our platform.
All of our users will keep your app for at least 1-2 days, but our statistics says that they normally keep it from 3-4 days on average.
YES! Your app will be opened at least once.