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We're doing our best, to provide you with the best tools possible on the market, right now

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Keyword Installs

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Android Installs

Buying Android Installs is very cheap, but don't underestimate its power. It will make your app much more competitive on the market.

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iOS Installs

Buy iOS App Installs from a trusted provider, to avoid your app being suspended or keyword banned, from using bot installs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're doing our best, to provide you with the best tools possible on the market, right now

All of our installs are coming from real users, no bots are used in our system!
This is to assure the safete of your app, and the highest quality of installs, ratings and reviews.
We can deliver installs, ratings and reviews from any country that hosts and Google Play or App Store.

Reviews are by default delivered in English, and if you want otherwise, you can upload your custom reviews when creating the order in our system.
Please check our prices first.
And then remember that we have different price plans, which can be found when you are logged in.
The way our prices work, is that you will get better prices, depending on how much you spend on our platform.
All of our users will keep your app for at least 3 days, but our statistics says that they normally keep it for longer on average.
YES! Your app will be opened at least once per install.
YES! We deliver installs, ratings and reviews, for both iOS and Android apps.